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Stay Safe in the Sun

Every summer, Australians flock to coastal beaches to soak up some much needed sun in close proximity to the country's many crystal clear ocean accesses and vibrant reefs.

While this is sure to spell relaxation for every beachgoer, it also puts Australians at high Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. When exposed to UV light for a long period of time without skin protection, your risk for skin cancer skyrockets.

Luckily, Maxiblock Sunscreens appropriately protect you from the dangers of prolonged sun exposure, and serve as an ally in the battle against skin cancer. Here are 3 things to consider before you seek out the sun this summer.

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The necessity of maintaining body temperature in the cold conditions

It's the big deal about the Blizzard Survival line. This unique brand of protective gear utilises REFLEXCELL, a highly developed insulating material that uses cellular design to keep warmth close to the body. Australia is known for its extreme conditions, whether its the unforgiving heat of the desert or the relentless cold that blizzards can bring. While having a blizzard bag on hand can be a vital survival tool, prevention should be the number one priority. Understanding how to maintain body temperature in a cold climate can give any outdoor enthusiast a leading edge on staying safe. 

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Snake Bite Symptoms

Australia has around 140 different species of land snakes including 32 species of sea snakes. There are approximately 3000 snake bites per year, 200-500 of which receive anti venom treatment. Unfortunately one or two snake bites will prove fatal. 

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