Personal First Aid Kit

LFA First Response stocks a range of personal first aid kits so you can be prepared to administer first aid in the event of injury. It’s best to be prepared and having the right first aid products on hand can provide ongoing peace of mind. With our range of first aid kits, you’ll be able to find an option which is perfect for your lifestyle. Whether it’s a first aid kit for hiking, travelling or for the home, LFA First Response has you covered.

LFA First Response stock a compact personal first aid kit which contains the essential items you may need and is perfect to bring with you in your bag in case of emergencies. 

We also offer a larger softpack first aid kit which contains all the basic first aid products you need, including products for wound and eye care. 

If you’re planning a long car trip, we also stock a vehicle first aid kit which is a popular choice for the car and fits into most glove compartments. 

For keen hikers, we have a specific first aid kit which is designed to treat any cuts or scrapes you may receive on the way.

Personal first aid kits are an essential item to have on hand so you can quickly administer basic first aid following injuries such as cuts, scrapes or minor burns. With your own first aid kit, you’re always prepared!

LFA First Response helps you to stay prepared with all of the medical supplies you may need. We offer second to none range and quality and can provide advice as to the best products for your specific situation. For further details about our personal first aid kits, contact LFA First Response today – we can provide you with a quick quote.

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