Regulator Responder Range First Aid Kits

LFA First Response stock the Regulator Response range first aid kits. This range of high-quality first aid kits includes burns kits, remote work kit and snake bite kit to ensure that you’re prepared for every scenario. LFA First Response wants to make sure you have access to the best quality first aid products – ask for advice as to the best Regulator first aid kit for your needs.

Regulator Burns Kit

We carry Regulator burns kits in three sizes, depending on your requirements. The Regulator burns kits contain everything you need for the treatment of minor burns and include burn dressings, burn get pads and burn gel. They also contain a first-aid leaflet to assist with the administration of first aid. They come in a sturdy plastic case and can be wall-mounted. 

Regulator Remote Work Kit

For situations where you’re working remotely and need to be prepared, the Regulator Remote Work Kit is the perfect choice. This kit comes in a compact but heavy-duty bag and can be attached to a belt. Measuring 16.5x8x8cm, it includes all of the essential items you need in case of injury while in a remote area. 

Regulator Snake Bite Kit

The Regulator Snake Bite Kit is an essential addition if you’re travelling to an area where snakes are a risk, such as remote locations and bushland. This kit comes in an easy to carry softpack that can be worn on the belt and includes an indicator bandage to ensure the correct application to snake bites.

LFA First Response carries the Regulator Responder range of first aid kits which are specially designed for a variety of different settings. We work with you to make sure you have the right first aid kit for your organisation. For further information about our Regulator Responder first aid supplies, get in contact with LFA First Response today.

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