LFA First Response carries a range of high-quality transparent plasters to assist with wound management. We stock a variety of transparent strips, large patches and assorted dressings which can be used in a range of applications. Our range of Aero transparent plasters provide a waterproof barrier to protect the wound from contaminants and minimise healing complications. Adequately protecting wounds with high-quality plasters prevents infection and are essential items in all first aid kids.


Non-Stick Barrier

Our range of Aero transparent plasters provide a transparent aesthetic film that is able to blend with any skin tone. They include a non-stick barrier which minimises trauma to the skin when the bandage is removed. The SupaSorb wound pad above the non-stick barrier assists in drawing blood and other fluids away from the wound to assist with healing and the highly absorbent design means that you need to change the bandage less option which is more cost-effective. The wound pad can also protect the wound against further trauma and can assist in reducing pain and discomfort.

Conforms to Different Types of Wounds

The transparent film has the ability to conform easily to the body and with a variety of sizes, there are plenty of choices depending on the location and size of the wound. There are even options that are appropriate for the knuckles and fingertips which can be difficult to protect. The transparent plasters also allow for some wound inspection without the need to fully remove the plaster each time. The SupaBond adhesive used in the Aero range of transparent plasters is of the highest quality which means you don’t need to contend with the edges curling or lifting prematurely.

For more information about our range of transparent plasters, contact LFA First Response today. If we don’t stock an item that you require, simply ask us and we can help.

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