Betachek C50 Meter Kit

Category: SKU: BC50



This amazing kit is an all-in-one device – with the blood glucose meter, lancing device and test cassette all in the one machine!

  1. NO MORE TEST STRIPS! Never handle those test strips again with this device. Simply push and click a new 50 test cassette into place when needed.
  2. NO WASTE DISPOSAL! After testing, the C50 device stores used tests in a separate chamber with no mess. This makes the machine ideal for on-the-go testing.
  3. TRUE POCKET TESTING! With all three testing items in the one device, this fits in your pocket or purse and takes away the bother of carrying all the bulky items everywhere you go.
  4. IMPRESSIVE ACCURACY! Each Cassette contains a microchip that communicates specific information to the meter to achieve optimal accuracy.
  5. BETACHEK APP! If you have the Betachek app downloaded, results from the machine are automatically uploaded to your phone, where the app creates graphs and charts.

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