Bleedsolv Nasal Dressing Box 10

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Safe, additive-free, control of nasal bleeding. PVC tampon, coated in haemostatic dressing. Easy to apply: insert tampon, add 1-2 mls of saline or sterilised water and the swollen tampon carries the haemostatic material against the damaged capilliaries in the nose. TGA approved BleedSolv™ helps control bleeding through a 3-stage process that works directly with the body’s own clotting cascade. BleedSolv™ is bioabsorbable, breaking down into to carbohydrates and water in its end-state. Tampons are easily removed by adding sterilised water or saline to the site, waiting for 1-2 minutes then the activated BleedSolv™ around the tampon allows the tampon to be pulled gently from the nose after the bleeding stops, without disturbing the clot. This means no re-bleeding, no discomfort and accelerated healing. NB: due to the very rare risk of toxic shock syndrome, any tampon should be removed within 24-48 hours.

Size: Box of 10


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