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The AlcoCheck® FC90 has accuracy to /-0.005% at 0.05ºC, the DOT approved AlcoCheck® FC90 (AT578) meets the standards set by the DOT and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for screening devices to measure alcohol in bodily fluids. The FC90 breath alcohol device is also 510(k) cleared for OTC.

Additional Features:

Accuracy: /-0.005% at 0.05%
Display range: 0.000-0.200ºC
Blowing time: 6 seconds
Testing time: 10 seconds
Audible alarm above 0.05ºC
Low-battery indicator
Auto power-off
Blowing flow detection
Calibration interval: 12 months
1-year warranty
Power supply: 9V battery
Memory: 5 records


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