Modul8 Allergen Backpack Kit


The Modul8 Allergen Backpack Kit has been designed with fast and effective first aid application in mind. Our clearly labelled modules ease the stress of rummaging through your first aid kit looking for the appropriate products when you are in your time of need.

All of our Modul8 modules have an industrial strength Velcro backing, allowing easy removal and organization of your first aid products. Whilst this kit only comes with 6 modules, there is plenty of room for our additional interchangeable modules or any other additional items you may require.

Our Modul8 Allergen Contains:

  • Anaphylaxis Care Module*
  • Asthma Care Module
  • Cut & Grazes Care Module
  • Dressings & Bandages Module
  • Eye Care Module
  • Trauma Care Module


*EpiPens are for illustration purposes only and can be purchased separately by approved customers


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