LFA First Response carries a range of wound closures that are suitable for minor wounds. They offer a painless and versatile alternative to other options such as sutures. We carry a range of Leukosan sterile strips in a range of sizes to suit a number of applications, along with other brands depending on your preference. Our wound closures are of high quality and sourced from reputable Australian suppliers.

Leukosan Wound Closure Strips

Our range of Leukosan strips offers a new generation of wound closure strips. They are an innovative blend of knitted fabric for optimal elasticity. The strips are air and moisture permeable to ensure that air flows to the wound to assist with healing and their strong adhesiveness means that you can be confident that the strips will stay in place. They are also gentle on the skin to reduce the risk of skin irritation during the healing process.

Aero Butterfly Wound Closures

We stock Aero butterfly wound closures and include SupaBond adhesive which offers secure adhesion across the site. They reduce scarring and can suit a range of laceration sizes. The Aero butterfly wound closures are neat and simple to use for maximum efficacy. LFA First Response also carries GluStitch twist closures for the topical closure of incisions in areas of low skin tension. The clever design means that the GluStitch twists remain liquid until applied to the skin where they can be spread in a thin layer.

Whether you are a medical professional or simply need to update your supplies for the office or home, LFA First Response has a range of first aid kits which suit a range of situations. We can also provide customised first aid kits to suit your requirements. To find out more about our range of wound closures, contact LFA First Response today.