Burn First Aid Kit

LFA First Response stocks a range of burn first aid kits which contain essential items for the treatment of burns. A burn injury can be very serious which is why it’s important to treat it quickly and with the right supplies. Our high-quality burn first aid kits contain all of the medical supplies you need and are available in a range of sizes depending on your requirements. Our burn kits can be used in medical settings, in the workplace, when camping or caravanning, or in the home. 

Basic Kit

Our basic burns first aid kit is the perfect entry point level kit and provides the basic items you require to treat simple injuries. It comes in a clear clip top case so you can easily see if your burn first aid kit contents are running low. This kit will easily fit into the glove compartment of most vehicles.

Burns Module

Our burns module kit is a popular choice for plumbers, welders, schools, catering services and other higher-risk areas. It contains burn gel for quick pain relief. This kit comes in a dust and water-resistant clear case. 

Regulator Burns First Aid Kits

We offer a range of Regulator burns first aid kits in a range of sizes depending on your needs. The Regulator burns kits offer effective treatment of burns with products such as burn gel pads and dressings. The larger kits are able to be wall-mounted.

LFA First Response takes the time to understand your unique needs and our industry expertise allows us to provide advice and guidance for complying with industry regulations. For a range of burn first aid kits, contact LFA First Response today. If you require customised burn first aid kit contents, speak to us today and we can develop a targeted kit. 

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