Eye Care

LFA First Response stocks a range of eye wash solutions to soothe irritated eyes. Eye wash can be used for conditions such as dry, burning, stinging, itching or irritated eyes. There are a number of things which could contribute to irritated eyes such as pollen, dust, air pollution, chemicals and foreign objects. If you need to wash out your eye, it is essential to use a properly formulated eye care solution to avoid exacerbating irritation to the eye area.

At LFA First Response, we stock a range of eyewash products including eye drops, eye baths, eye pads and eye wipes. When using eye drops, lean back for easier administration and do not let the dropper touch the eye surface. When using an eye bath, rinse the eye bath with the eye solution and full it halfway. Hold the eye bath tightly to the eye and tilt your head back, moving your eye around to assist in washing the entire surface. After using an eye care solution or eye drops, wait at least five minutes before putting your contact lenses back in. Seek medical attention if eye irritation persists.

LFA First Response also stocks eyewash stations which cover a variety of needs to provide decontamination to allow workers to remove hazardous substances from the eye which could cause injury. From transportable eye wash kits to combination eye/face wash shower, we have eyewash station solutions to suit your workplace. Eyewash stations are designed for the immediate flushing of hazardous substances until further medical treatment can be sought.

LFA First Solutions can assist you in finding customised solutions depending on your needs. Contact LFA First Response today for a quick quote or for more information on eye care solution and eye wash stations.