Rescue First Aid Kit

LFA First Response stocks a number of items which make up a rescue first aid kit. The high level of urgency involved in rescue and resuscitation means that you need to be confident that you’re working with high quality products. LFA First Response understands the complex nature and rescue and resuscitation and provides you with the equipment that you need.

CPR Manikins
We stock CPR infant, child and adult mannikins which come complete with their own carry case to assist in training others to undertake CPR. Additionally, we stock the award winning Brayden Manikin for the ultimate CPR learning experience. We also carry associated accessories such as face shields, alcohol wipes and hygiene packs.

We stock defibrillators, and associated batteries and equipment. Defibrillators are devices that help restore a normal heartbeat by sending an electric pulse or shock to the heart. They can be used to treat life threatening conditions that affect the rhythm of the heart.

Oxygen Equipment
We carry oxygen equipment which be utilised for rescue and resuscitation scenarios. These items include airway management and suction, oxygen kits, oxygen masks and oxygen regulators. Our items are of high quality and can be utilised when advanced resuscitation is necessary.

Search and Rescue Equipment
We stock rescue equipment which can be utilised in emergency situations. Our available products include evacuation and first aid alerts, rescue tools, sanitation products, splints, stretchers and extrication, and thermal protection products. We know that specialist equipment is a requirement for rescue scenarios which is why we stock a wide range.

At LFA First Response, we understand that rescue and resuscitation equipment plays an important role in the healthcare industry and we provide high quality products from reputable suppliers. For more information about rescue first aid kids, contact LFA First Response today.