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Anapen® is used for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis (acute severe allergic reactions) due to insect stings, drugs or other allergens.

The Anapen® Training Device is a dummy device which allows the user to become familiar with the device and how it works. The Trainer does not have a needle and does not contain adrenaline. Anapen® Trainers can be used repeatedly, but will tire with time and excessive use. Follow the instructions for firing to maximise the life of the device.

Instructions for use

  1. Remove the black needle shield cap by pulling hard in the direction of the arrow. This will also remove the grey protective needle shield.
  2. Remove the grey safety cap from the red firing button, by pulling as indicated by the arrow.
  3. Hold the open end of the device against the outer part of your thigh.
  4. Once the open end of the device is against the outer part of your thigh press the red firing button so that it clicks. Keep holding the Anapen® Trainer against your thigh for 3 seconds. Slowly remove the Anapen® from your thigh.
  5. The injection indicator will have turned red. This shows that the injection is complete (if the indicator is not red, you must complete the injection with a new Anapen®).
  6. After the injection, click the wide end of the black needle shield cap back on the open end of the device (as indicated by the arrow).

Please refer to the visuals on the Anapen® Instructions PDF alongside these steps.

Utilise the online Anapen® 3D Training Experience as a resource for more guidance, or refer to the Anapen® Website.

The benefits of the Anapen® Trainer Device

  • Before using Anapen® for the first time, it allows users to learn how to correctly use the device to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • The Anapen® Training Device can be used multiple times by a number of users, so they can benefit from learning how to effectively use the device in the case of an Anaphylaxis emergency. (Note that the device will wear with time, so having a supply of Anapen® Training Devices is recommended).


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