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The Best Choice For Clinical Staff and Patient Safety – Bactol 2% CHG Antiseptic Hand & Body Wash

Bactol 2% CHG 500ml handwash is a hospital-grade antiseptic hand and body wash solution designed to be used in clinical settings. It is formulated with 2% w/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate and is a broad-spectrum bactericide.

Reduces Risk Of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)

A surgical site infection (SSI) is an infection that occurs after surgery at the incision site or area of the body where the surgery took place. SSIs can prolong patient recovery time, and can negatively impact healthcare budgets. Infections can vary from being superficial (involves skin only) or more serious (involving tissues under the skin). Proper hand hygiene practices and the use of high-quality disinfectant Bactol 2% CHG are key to avoiding SSIs, and decreasing the risks of hospital readmission.


Bactol 2% CHG wash can be used in the following ways:

  • As a hand wash in procedural (non-surgical) settings.
  • As a patient body wash (pre-operative) prior to surgical or invasive procedures.


Bactol 2% CHG 500ml handwash is PH balanced, and gentle on the skin due to added moisturisers within the formula. It has superior lathering properties, allowing for a thorough wash. This product is lightly scented with a fresh citrus fragrance. The 500ml size comes with a convenient pump so it is easy to disperse

Directions For Use

  • For antiseptic hand washing: Disperse 5ml of product (approximately 2-3 pumps) onto wet hands. Work into a lather and wash for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly, and dry hands.
  • For patient body washing and showering: Wet entire body, and disperse enough product to work up a lather. Wash entirety of body, paying attention to crevices and hard to reach areas. Rinse throughly, and dry. Suitable for both pre-operation.

Reduce Infection Rates With Broad-Spectrum Protection

Bactol 2% is a broad spectrum bactericide, meaning it provides protection against two main bacteria groups; gram-positive and gram-negative, as well as a wide range of disease-causing bacteria. This provides protection for both clinicians and patients during procedures.

Australian Made Product

Bactol 2% CHG wash is proudly 100% Australian-made using high-quality and effective ingredients. Trust Bactol 2% CHG for the health and safety of your staff and patients.

Purchase Now At LFA First Response

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