Medichill Bilateral Facial Ice Pack

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Facial Ice Pack

LFA First Response stock latex-free bilateral facial ice packs which can be used to relieve pain and swelling in the facial area. Our facial ice packs are adjustable and include a non-slip compression cover to ensure they are able to do their job effectively. They are designed to stay dry as they thaw which means they provide extra comfort with no unnecessary mess or excess water. Our facial ice packs are lightweight, comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Our facial ice packs can either be reused a number of times or disposed of after a single use depending on your requirements. Facial ice packs have a number of applications for pain and swelling due to the proven effectiveness of cold therapy. Our facial ice packs are easy to use – simply soak with water, freeze, and apply to the affected area. Packs of facial ice packs include 50 wraps and 100 ice packs. 

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