Bleedsolv Haemostatic Dressing 5×5 – Single

Category: SKU: FAHG-V55-I


Ideal for home, office and sport first aid kits. Quickly return to play and reduce distress and mess. Bringing quality AND affordability. BleedSolv™ – cost effective first aid to control bleeding. Cellulose-based haemostatic gauze, safe on any part of your body. The 3-stage process stops bleeding fast, conforms easily to any wound type, breaks down to carbohydrates and water. Compact, light and effective PPE ready to deploy – no lengthy training or special storage. Promotes rapid haemostasis even in the presence of clotting dysfunction. BleedSolv™ for remote locations, high-risk situations, training, sport and recreation.

Size: 5cm x 5cm, Single Dressing


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