Devac Weekly 1L Bottle – Box of 6

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Devac WEEKLY is a specially designed solution aimed at effectively removing debris and bio-burden from evacuation lines and pumps, ensuring optimal suction in dental aspiration systems. Its acid-based formulation is carefully crafted to prevent foaming, making it an excellent maintenance product for regular use. By using Devac DAILY & WEEKLY on a consistent basis, dental suction systems’ longevity and lifespan are significantly increased.

This foam-free liquid concentrate is perfect for professional cleaning, deodorizing, and protecting all types of suction systems and spittoons. It efficiently eliminates conventional biological soils and bacterial biofilms, offering a two-part system that is user-friendly. Additionally, the product is environmentally friendly, being both biodegradable and phosphate-free. To use it properly, simply mix 25ml of the concentrate with 1 liter of water to achieve a 2.5% solution.

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