Finger Dress 4.5 x 4.5cm – Bag of 50

Aero HealthCare
Category: SKU: AWF002


The AEROWOUND Wound Dressings serve as versatile solutions for wound care, aiming to prevent infection and manage bleeding. Available in various sizes suitable for wounds ranging from minor finger injuries to larger ones.

Notable Features:
1. Exceptional Absorption: The highly absorbent wound pad effectively controls bleeding and soaks up wound exudates.
2. Gentle on Skin: Designed with a low adherent coating to minimize trauma when changing dressings, ensuring comfort during the healing process.
3. Sterile Packaging: Each dressing is individually packed in an easily tearable wrapper, maintaining sterility for optimal wound cleanliness.
4. Easy Application: With the wound pad affixed to a gauze bandage wrapping leader, application is straightforward, providing both comfort and security.
5. Unique Finger Dressing: The AEROWOUND Finger dressing stands out in the industry for its ability to address larger finger wounds that cannot be covered by standard adhesive dressings. Combining a 4.5cm square low adherent and absorbent pad with a wrapping leader and secure adhesive tab, it offers comprehensive protection for finger wounds.


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