Island Dressing 5 x 7.5cm – Box of 50

Aero HealthCare
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AEROFIX dressings integrate a SupaSorb pad with a flexible fixative layer, facilitating the straightforward and efficient management of larger wounds, abrasions, and sutured wounds.

SupaSorb Wound Pad
Featuring an embossed design, the wound pad enhances wound care by channeling blood or exudates into reservoirs within the pad. Its exceptional absorbency reduces the frequency of dressing changes while shielding the wound from additional harm. SupaSorb™ ensures a clean and comfortable wound environment, with its non-adherent film minimizing pain and trauma during dressing changes.

SupaBond Adhesive
Engineered exclusively for superior adhesion, SupaBond adhesive ensures steadfast attachment across the wound site, preventing lifting or curling at the edges.

Soft and Conformable
Crafted from a smooth and pliable non-woven material, the backing adheres seamlessly to body contours, thanks to SupaBond adhesion.

Patient Comfort
The combination of the SupaSorb non-adherent wound pad and the soft, conforming non-woven backing elevates patient comfort, reducing trauma and aiding in recovery.

AEROFIX should be avoided for infected wounds unless supervised by a healthcare professional.
Exercise caution when applying and removing the dressing from sensitive or fragile skin, as with all adhesive products.
Promptly seek medical advice for serious wounds and burns. Discontinue use and consult a physician if redness or discomfort occurs.
This product is not a substitute for direct medical attention from a healthcare professional.


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