Lifepak Quik-Combo Redi-Pak Electrodes (Compatible with LP1000 & LP15)

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In a critical moment of cardiac distress, swift action is crucial, and that’s where the LIFEPAK Quik-Combo Redi-Pak Adult Electrodes for LP1000, LP12, LP15 & LP20E (LP-PAD/11996-000017) come into play. These adult electrode pads are preconnected for immediate use, eliminating the need for electrode changes during an emergency, thus saving precious time. With the innovative Edge System(TM) technology, they ensure even distribution of current, reducing the risk of skin burns. These versatile electrodes can monitor ECG, offer noninvasive cardioversion, and deliver noninvasive pacing and defibrillation. Designed for single-patient use, these disposable QUIK-COMBO electrodes are optimized for use with QUIK-COMBO therapy cables tailored to your specific device. Plus, their lead wire extends 2 feet (0.6 m) for added flexibility.


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