Proshield Soft FR Loop Box 50

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LFA First Response stocks the Proshield Soft FR Loop face mask in boxes of 50. These Proshield masks are designed for healthcare specialists, including those in dental and general health working environments. A Proshield mask provides great splash resistance and has a bacterial filtration efficiency of more than 99% for those particles larger than 3 microns. 

The Proshield mask offers effective protection against the potential spread of infection and viruses. 

The ProShield Soft FR Loop mask is suitable for clinicians during surgical procedures, including those procedures where there is a risk of exposure to body and blood fluids, who prefer easy mask donning.

Proshield Soft Mask

The soft and triple pleat design of the Proshield soft mask makes it easier to breathe in, featuring soft and strong loops to wrap around the wearer’s ears. Another key benefit of the mask is its hypoallergenic inner liner which makes wearing the mask for long periods at a time much more comfortable. 

Proshield Protector Masks

Our boxes of 50 Proshield protector masks are great disposable face masks ensuring a greater level of comfort and cool temperature for the wearer. In environments where the limiting of spreading infection is key, the use of Proshield protector masks is essential. 

Wearing a Proshield protector mask in a public setting can help to reduce cases of community transmission of specific viruses such as COVID-19 when used in combination with other suppression techniques. Remember when wearing these facemasks to always cover your chin, mouth and nose properly. 



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