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In order to increase survival rates, important steps have been taken to make AEDs more readily available to the general public across public and private sectors. In order for AEDs to become more accessible to the public, it is also deemed important to provide first aid information and appropriate instructions for use alongside AEDs housed in protective cabinets which meet the requirements.

Standard Features

  • Impact-resistant transparent polycarbonate cover.
  • Optical sensor for the monitoring of the AED unit status, specific to the brand and model.
  • Green ABS (RAL 6024) stand complying with ISO 3864 concerning emergency colour codes (UL-V0).
  • Backlit LCD screen to display status of the power, network, temperature and the AED unit.
  • Access to the AED is free or with restricted access via digicode/RFID card according to models.
  • Local visual warnings (flashing red LEDs) to indicate malfunctions.
  • Rechargeable back-up battery for essential functions in case of failed power supply.
  • Connection to local (LAN) Ethernet network.
  • Possible STN telephone, hands-free module and automatic dialing according to settings and models
  • Integrated light sensor to illuminate the AED compartment in darkened locations.
  • 24V DC SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) for human safety.
  • RFID badge reader for opening and maintenance purposes.

Specific Features

  • Constant remote monitoring of the AED through an optical sensor, specific to brand and model.
  • Optional photo camera surveillance when the cabinets are opened and the AED unit removed.
  • Realtime information concerning incidents, alerts or malfunctions.
  • Immediate and automatic routing of data via SMS/ Email.
  • Http communications between the AIVIA ca binet and the AIVIAnet server.
  • Interface display Automatic reception of SMS/ Email
  • Information sent to central database server
  • Data processing
  • Local acquisition
  • Comes with the Stand