SureStep 7+6 PINACA Cup – Box of 25

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Introducing the SureStep 7+6 with PINACA test – featuring an advanced split unit design and integrated integrity testing for enhanced analytical capabilities. This cutting-edge device can detect 7 drugs of abuse and 6 adulterants, surpassing the detection range set by Australian standards.

The built-in integrity test serves two crucial functions. Firstly, it determines if a recently collected sample is “fresh,” ensuring accurate results. Secondly, it checks for additional contaminants that could indicate tampering or adulteration.

But what exactly is PINACA? PINACA is a potent synthetic cannabinoid that has gained prominence in Australia and other regions. Originally developed by Pfizer in 2009 as an analgesic medication, it was later identified as a component of synthetic cannabis products in Japan in 2012. Unfortunately, there have been reported cases of deaths and hospitalizations linked to this synthetic cannabinoid.

Now, let’s take a look at the notable benefits of the SureStep 7+6 with PINACA:

1. Free online training: Our clients can access an online product certification program, ensuring that their staff are well-versed in operating this device effectively.

2. Accuracy to AS4308:2008: The device complies with the required standard, assuring reliable and precise results.

3. User-friendly: Conducting a test is a simple 3-step process, making it convenient for operators.

4. Tests for PINACA: The device is capable of detecting the latest synthetic cannabinoids, including PINACA.

Key product features:

– No urine handling required.
– Tests for AS4308:2008 Appendix B Drug classes.
– Test begins when the collector is ready, not when the subject provides the specimen.
– Built-in thermometer for accurate temperature monitoring.
– Easy open/close no-leak container design.
– Only 25ml of urine is needed (Note: for sample confirmation, only 3.5ml is required to run the test).
– Splits the test sample from the main laboratory sample, preserving integrity.
– Rapid results in 2-5 minutes.
– Results can be easily photocopied for documentation.
– Cost-effective solution for drug testing needs.

Detects the following drugs:

Drug Code Drug Class
AMP Amphetamine
BZO Benzodiazepines
COC Cocaine (note – test is very specific for cocaine and crack)
MET Methamphetamine and Ecstasy
THC Marijuana (THC)
OPI Opiates including morphine, Heroin, codeine, pholcodine
PINACA K3, Synthetic cannabinoid
Adulterants Tested For: 
Oxidants/PCC Tests for the presence of oxidants such as bleach. Normal: Negative
pH Tests for adulteration with acidic or alkaline adulterants. Normal: 4 – 9
Creatinine Tests for specimen dilution. Normal: 20 – 200 mg/dl
SG Tests for specimen dilution. Normal: 1.003 – 1.030
NIT Not normally found in human urine, however may produce false positive for Glutaraldehyde
GLU Not normally present in human urine, however certain metabolic abnormalities may interfere with the test results


The SureStep 7+6 with PINACA is a comprehensive and reliable testing device, empowering users to detect a wider range of substances and ensure a safe environment.


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