Syringe Luer Lock 10ml Box of 100

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LFA First Response stock Luer Lock syringes 10ml. The Luer Lock system of joining needles to syringes has been in use for generations. Growing from the original application of a metal fitting attached to a glass syringe, male Luer Lock adapters allow this connection system to be used in a myriad of applications. Luer Lock style syringes are more secure as the needles are inserted into the syringe and twisted to form a locked connection. This ensures that no liquids can escape.

Our Luer Lock syringes 10ml comes in a box of 100 syringes. LFA First Response strives to ensure that you are prepared for whatever situation comes your way with high quality wholesale medical supplies. We only source material from reputable Australian suppliers so you can be confident in your products. 

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