Syringe Luer Lock 20ml Box of 50

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LFA First Response Luer Lock syringes 20ml. Luer Lock syringes require the needle to be twisted into place to form a tight connection between the needle and syringe. This method prevents the accidental removal of the needle and stops liquid from leaking from the syringe. The locking action of the Luer Lock syringe means that they are more secure. Luer Lock syringes were first introduced in 1925 and continue to be used across a wide range of applications.

Our Luer Lock syringes 20ml are latex-free and come in a box of 50 syringes. LFA First Response provides wholesale medical supplies to the Australian medical industry and helps ensure that you are prepared with any medical supplies that you may need. We offer top-level products at an affordable price. 

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