Syringe Luer Lock 5ml Box of 100

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LFA First Response stock 5ml latex-free Luer Lock syringes. Our 5ml syringes (Luer Lock) Australia provide a secure connection system to ensure that the needle cannot be accidentally removed. The Luer Lock syringe was first introduced in 1925 and continues to be used today across a range of applications. The Luer Lock system works by twisting the needle into place and should be firmly attached before proceeding. Luer Lock syringes mean that the needle remains securely attached throughout the administration of a certain treatment and minimises the chance of contamination.

Our 5ml Luer Lock syringes come in a box of 100 syringes. For a quote on 5ml syringes Luer Lock Australia, contact LFA First Response today. We help you stay prepared with all of the medical supplies you may need and we understand the importance of providing top quality products at a competitive price.


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