WartOff Freeze Spray 38ml

Wart Off
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Wart-Off Freeze Spray is an innovative, easy to use device that freezes warts to their core, fast action wart remover for hands, feet and body. A wart is a hard, callous thickening of the skin and look like a crude cauliflower-like bulge. They are harmless, but can be ugly and extremely contagious.

Warts are caused by a virus and are spread through direct skin contact and contact with damp, wet floors such as swimming pools, exercise rooms, showers and change rooms are common places that warts can be spread, most commonly found on hands and feet. Children are particularly susceptible as they have little natural resistance.

Benefits of Wart-Off Freeze:

Has 15 applications

Is safe and easy to use

Is child friendly and can be used from 4

It encloses the wart and freezes it to the core

Suitable for common, verruca and water warts

Can be used for the treatment of ticks

It is a fast action treatment, 5-10 seconds after release the wart is frozen

The wart will usually fall off 10-14 days after treatment leaving behind new healthy skin



Dispenser contains – Dimethylether (DME)


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