Waterproof Film Roll 10cm x 1m – Individual

Aero HealthCare
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AeroFilm presents itself as a sterile, waterproof, ultra-thin, transparent film dressing. Its purpose is to cover I.V. devices, clean skin, or wounds, forming a breathable barrier against bacteria and viruses from the outside environment.

With its SupaBond adhesive, exclusively designed for superior adhesion, AeroFilm can stay in place for up to 7 days. This feature reduces the need for frequent dressing changes, thereby minimizing disturbance to the wound, cutting down nursing time, and promoting faster recovery.

Waterproof and impermeable to body fluids, AeroFilm safeguards the covered area during showering and bathing, eliminating the need for redressing. Additionally, it aids in preventing bacterial contamination and lessening the risk of skin damage from external interference.

AeroFilm boasts a user-friendly application process thanks to its integrated frame applicator, ensuring smooth, crease-free placement with proper adhesion. Its transparency facilitates accurate positioning over the wound site.

Adaptable to the body’s various contours, AeroFilm’s expandability allows for easy application even in tricky areas, while the SupaBond adhesive ensures the dressing stays put.

It’s important to note that AeroFilm should not be used on infected wounds unless supervised by a healthcare professional. Care must be taken when applying and removing the dressing from sensitive or fragile skin. For serious wounds or burns, immediate medical attention is necessary. Discontinue use and consult a physician if any redness or discomfort occurs. Remember, AeroFilm is not a substitute for direct medical care from a healthcare provider.


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