Waterproof Island Dressing 4cm x 5cm – Envelope of 3

Aero HealthCare
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This dressing post-surgery blends AEROFILM’s benefits with a SupaSorb™ absorbent pad and a low-adherence dressing, creating an exceptional option for delicate wound sites after surgery.

SupaBond™ Hypo-allergenic Adhesive
Designed exclusively for superior adhesion, this hypoallergenic adhesive minimizes irritation risk while ensuring the dressing remains securely in place, even over body contours.

Transparent AeroFilm
The clear AeroFilm allows for easy monitoring of fluid levels and clinical signs of infection without needing to remove the dressing, maximizing its usage before replacement.

Simple Application
AeroFilm includes an integrated frame applicator for effortless and effective application. The frame ensures crease-free placement and secure adhesion, while AeroFilm’s transparency aids in precise positioning over the wound site.


AeroFilm should not be used on infected wounds unless under healthcare supervision.
Exercise caution when applying and removing adhesive products on sensitive or fragile skin.
Seek medical advice promptly for severe wounds and burns. Discontinue use and consult a physician if redness or discomfort occurs.

This product does not replace direct medical attention from a healthcare professional.


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