ZeoMed Spill Absorbent Powder 5kg

Category: SKU: ZEO-Z00505


ZeoMed clean-up powder contains a pure form of zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral. Its unique properties make it a perfect choice for spill kits, making it an excellent solution for various spill risks, including biohazard and chemical spills, as well as general slip and fall hazards like cooking oils or detergents. It is well-suited for use in laboratories, supermarkets, shopping centers, and restaurants.

ODOUR: This product acts quickly as a natural absorbent, effectively eliminating toxic and noxious odours.

EPA: ZeoMed clean-up powder is composed of 100% natural mineral, making it ecologically safe and non-toxic.

ABSORPTION: The powder efficiently absorbs excess moisture, aiding in coagulating spills that typically consist of both viscous and solid materials.

SHELF LIFE: ZeoMed clean-up powder is inert and does not have an expiry date, ensuring it remains effective for extended periods.


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