Defibrillators & Cabinets Signage

LFA First Response stock defibrillator signage and cabinets to ensure that your defibrillator is easily accessible in the case of an emergency. Defibrillators are not just found in hospitals but can also be accessible by the general public in locations such as schools, libraries, workplaces, gyms and business centres. For this reason, it’s essential that your first aid cabinet sign and defibrillator signage is easy to see. LFA First Response prides ourselves on our friendly and knowledgeable customer service and we can provide you with advice as to the best defibrillator cabinet for your needs.

Defibrillator Signage
We stock a range of defibrillator signage which clearly show the location of an automated external defibrillator (AED). We carry wall stickers which can be applied to a number of surfaces, along with in-vehicle stickers when a defibrillator is stored in a vehicle. We also provide angle bracket wall signs for optimal visibility.

Defibrillator Cabinets
We stock defibrillator cabinets and storage to ensure that your defibrillator is appropriately protected when not in use. We offer simple storage solutions such as wall brackets and cases, along with wall mounted cabinets. We also have wall mounted cabinets which are alarmed so it alerts individuals nearby of an emergency. Additionally, LFA First Response stock supervised defibrillator cabinets which not only offer safe storage of the defibrillator but also provide first aid information and appropriate instruction for the use of the equipment. It provides constant remote monitoring of the AED to ensure that the defibrillator is more accessible to the general public and is used appropriately in the case of an emergency. The supervised defibrillator cabinet can also be provided with a stand.

LFA First Response provides wholesale medical supplies to the Australian medical industry. For further information about our defibrillator signage and cabinets, contact LFA First Response today.

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