Sharps and Clinical Waste Bin

LFA First Response is a clinical waste bin and sharps container supplier Australia with a range of products to suit a number of different settings. Clinical waste bins and sharps containers are used in medical settings to prevent injury and infection to allow for the safe disposal of syringes, human tissue, material contaminated with blood or other bodily fluid, and other waste items. Along with sharps containers and clinical waste bags, we also provide additional items such as spill kits, wall brackets for mounting sharps containers, syringe pickers, vomit bags, biological hazard bags and bins.

Sharps Containers

We stock a range of sharps containers that are designed for the safe disposal of sharps waste, such as syringes and scalpels. We stock needle disposal units in 90ml and 200ml sizes, sharps disposal containers in 500ml, 1L, 12.5L and 17.5L sizes, and steel sharps disposal containers in 2L, 4.5L and 23L sizes.

Clinical Waste Bags

We carry a range of clinical waste bags and bins which are suitable for use in various medical environments. We have clinical waste bags in a variety of sizes that offer protection from sharps and leaking fluids. As a reputable sharps container supplier Australia, our durable waste bags are perfect for healthcare settings.

Spill Kits

We stock universal spill kits in 40L and 240L sizes. They contain all the materials you require for a range of spills and are ideal for cleaning up oil and fuel. We also carry a body fluid clean up kit to reduce the risk of cross-infection and contamination.

At LFA First Response, we pride ourselves on the provision of high-quality wholesale and bulk medical supplies which are sourced from reputable Australian suppliers. Our knowledgeable team can also provide advice and guidance to ensure you have the right products for your requirements. For clinical waste bins and a sharps container supplier Australia, contact LFA First Response today.

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