Vinyl Gloves

LFA First Response stock vinyl gloves in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Vinyl gloves provide standard protection against most chemicals and are commonly used for medical examinations. Due to their vinyl material, they are latex-free which makes them the perfect option for latex allergy sufferers. They meet international standards for medical examination gloves and are commonly used in healthcare settings, childcare centres, dental clinics, food manufacturing and cleaning. They are non-sterile and appropriate for single use.

Our vinyl medical grade gloves provide extra stretch which makes them easy to put on and they look and fit like latex gloves. They do not contain DOP/DEHP phthalates and offer an ambidextrous design so they can be placed on the hands quickly. Our vinyl gloves feature a beaded cuff to provide extra strength and they are powder-free which makes them perfect for food preparation. The fact that these gloves are latex-free reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergies which can be caused by latex. They are soft and comfortable to wear and are suitable for most users.

LFA First Response carries a range of first aid gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals, as well as individuals in other industries such as food preparation. Having the appropriate gloves and PPE ensures that you and your employees are adequately protected from contamination from blood and other bodily fluids. Vinyl gloves and PPE provide a physical barrier to ensure ongoing peace of mind.

LFA First Response offers friendly, helpful customer service and supplies our products in a timely manner. We are a family-owned Australian business and we are passionate about providing high-quality products at a competitive price. To find out more about our range of hospital grade gloves, contact LFA First Response today.

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