LFA First Response carries a range of military wound dressings that are designed to control bleeding in the field, as well as being used in general emergency situations involving life-threatening injuries. We stock a range of abdominal wound dressings, civilian wound dressings, trauma and haemorrhage control wound dressings wound pads and a haemorrhage control kit.

Haemorrhage and Trauma Control

LFA First Response carries trauma and haemorrhage control wound dressings which are an emergency bandage intention for the short term treatment of injury and is used to stop bleeding and protect the wound. It provides pressure to the wound to stop bleeding and can be used by first responders. We also carry wound dressings that provide combat-proven pressure and consist of a trauma bandage and secondary dressing all in one. They are easy to apply and are used by 70% of the world’s defence forces. We stock a haemorrhage control kit which includes combat gauze and other emergency trauma equipment in a convenient canvas bag for easy transport.

Designed For Military Personnel

Military wound dressings are intended for use by military personnel in combat and are designed for immediate use to keep wounds clean and drug and to stop bleeding. Although these dressings are designed for military use, they can also be used as general trauma care dressings for a wide range of injuries. They are commonly used by first responders due to their ability to protect the wound, stop bleeding and provide pressure until further medical attention can be provided.

LFA First Response is a family-owned Australian business with a passion for exceptional customer service and high-quality products. For more information about our range of military wound dressing, contact LFA Response today. If you require a military wound dressing that we don’t stock, simply give us a call and we can help.

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