Evacuation and First Aid Alert

At LFA First Response, we understand the importance of responding in a timely manner in the case of emergencies. With this in mind, we carry evacuation and first aid alerts which are designed to alert people across a site that there is a fire or other life-threatening situation.  We stock the Cygnus Evacuation Fire Call Point Alarm which is a wireless emergency alarm that leads the industry when it comes to reliability and performance.

Cygnus Evacuation Fire Call Point Alarm

LFA First Response knows how important it is to have a reliable evacuation and first aid alert, which is why we carry the Cygnus Evacuation Fire Call Point Alarm. This wireless emergency fire and first aid alarm is an adaptable evacuation/fire alarm which has the ability to connect to 480 units, including fire alarm call points, first aid alert points, smoke detectors and heat detectors. 

Cygnus alarms cover an impressive distance and are fully compliant for use on construction sites. They can be used in buildings under construction, in-site cabins or on mobile fire points. Given that they are wireless and battery operated, they can be taken out at the end of a project and reused at a different location. They are simple to configure, use and redeploy and have a range of versatile applications. The Cygnus first aid alert is essential for securing your safety. 

At LFA First Response, we provide a range of high-quality products for the Australian medical industry for an unbeatable price. All of our products are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and we ensure that our products are sourced from reputable suppliers so you can be assured of quality.  

For more information about our LFA First Response medical alerts, contact us today for a quick quote.

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