At LFA First Response, we stock high-quality, reliable stretchers Australia and extrication equipment which are essential during many rescue situations to ensure the safe removal of a patient. We have stretchers that can cope with the toughest rescue scenarios and also have lightweight, compact options for easy transport and storage. LFA First Response stock leading brand stretchers, including Stryker and Ferno. 

Our range of stretchers and accessories include:

Full body vacuum mattress

Alloy emergency pole stretcher

Alloy scoop stretcher

Basket aviation stretcher

Ferno flotation collar

Ferno Ked 2 extrication device

Laerdal SpeedBlock head immobiliser

Plastic spine board stretcher

Stryker M1 ambulance stretcher

Stryker Power Pro XPS stretcher

Stryker Chair Pro stair chair

Examination couch

T-straps restraint system

Traverse Titan basket stretcher

Stretchers are an essential piece of equipment as they allow for the safe and secure transport of injured patients in hospitals, clinics and emergency situations. Given the urgent situations where stretchers are required, it’s no surprise that you need to ensure you have a high-quality product which will stand up to expectations. Where you require a hospital-grade stretcher for use in ambulances or need search and rescue equipment for the extrication of injured individuals, we can help. At LFA First Response, we give you the means to be prepared in all search and rescue scenarios and medical settings with our range of stretchers and accessories. 

LFA First Response stocks wholesale medical supplies across Australia and offers superior quality at an unbeatable price. For further information regarding stretchers Australia, speak with LFA First Response today. If there is rescue equipment you require that we don’t stock, speak with us today and we can source it for you.

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