Alarmed EpiPen Station

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  • Strobe light: To attract attention to the cabinet when the door is opened.
  • Visible signage on the sides of the cabinet.
  • High Quality: Premium materials with powder coated finish.
  • Deterrent Alarm: alerting rescuers and deterring would-be thieves.
  • Access: Perspex door allows full visibility of the EpiPens.
  • Compact: Large enough to store 4 EpiPens along with other medical items but small enough to fit in confined spaces.
  • Battery Powered: Uses a 9-volt battery – no hardwiring required.
  • Includes 2 insulated Anaphylaxis Care Modules.

Cabinet Size: 57cm x 37cm x 14.5cm

*EpiPens are not contained in this kit and can be purchased separately.


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