Spine Board – Plastic

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Measurements: 184cm x 41cm x 5cm

A plastic spine board is a vital piece of equipment used in various rescue operations, including marine rescue and the transport of injured sporting players. It serves the purpose of immobilizing and providing spinal support to individuals who may have sustained spinal injuries during sports activities or need to be safely transported.

In marine rescue scenarios, such as water-based accidents or incidents at sea, a plastic spine board can be used to safely extract injured individuals from the water onto a boat, shore, or another marine vessel. The buoyant nature of the board helps keep it afloat, allowing rescuers to securely transfer the patient while minimizing the risk of further injury. When a sports player sustains a suspected spinal injury, a plastic spine board is often utilized to immobilize the individual before transport. This immobilization ensures that any potential spinal movement is minimized during the transfer, reducing the risk of exacerbating the injury.

This spine board includes straps which are designed to immobilize the patient and prevent any movement that could potentially aggravate spinal injuries. The straps are equipped with quick-release buckles for efficient and swift application and removal.

Remember that it’s always essential to follow proper rescue protocols and seek professional medical advice when transporting injured individuals.


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