Marine First Aid Kits

Be prepared for anything that happens at sea.

Marine First Aid Kits

Be Prepared at Sea

LFA First Response manufactures a number of marine first aid kits for commercial vessels including trawlers, tugs, dive boats, charter vessels and yachts.

Our first aid kits are made for all types of licenses depending on the vessel size and nautical miles worked off the coast of Australia.

LFA’s premium range of marine first aid kits are made with the highest standard and comply with the Australian NSCV (National Standard for Commercial Vessels) requirements for the indicated Class of vessel. Housed in a durable water-resistant case, these kits are ideal for this often harsh and remote environment.

Some vessels will require additional equipment to meet the medical requirements including defibrillators, oxygen kits and stretchers, which are available from our website for purchase.

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First Aid Kit For Boat

first aid kit for a boat needs to meet the minimum medical supplies and equipment necessary to treat the types of injuries that may be expected on the vessel. We supply first aid kits for boats on D, E, F & G scales. All of our marine first aid kits are designed to be in compliance with the Australian National Standard for Commercial Vessels.

Make sure that you have an appropriate amount of marine medical kits to cover the number of people you have on the vessel. We also stock marine medical packs and pleasure craft kits containing extras such as calamine lotion and ice packs to help with common injuries sustained while out on the water.

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Top Of The Line Kits

Our top of the line marine first aid kits are all produced in compliance with the Australian National Standard for Commercial Vessels.


Being an innovator in the medical space, LFA is constantly on the search for the best marine first aid kits available on the market, ensuring all vessels across Australia are kept safe.


Having an appropriate kit on hand whenever you’re out on the water could be the difference between life and death.

Featured Marine First Aid Kits

What Our Customers Say

Maria (CareFlight)

Your service and pricing is excellent!…we can rely on LFA to deliver bulk orders on time every time

Laura Richards

Can I just say that your level of customer service is far and away better than any of the other companies I have contacted for a quote!

Dianne Taylor – Katalyst Coordinator

The Katalyst Foundation would like to thank LFA First Response for the help and ongoing support towards our Rebuild Fiji campaign. In particular with the Nabouwalu Hospital, Bua Province, Fiji. Their generosity is greatly appreciated as is their expert advice in helping us refurbish the hospital.


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    Life Happens. Be Prepared

    At LFA First Response we make it easy. Our industry leading response times, high quality products with the longest shelf life, and our ability to provide pharmacy items such as EpiPens and inhalers to schools and off the shelf pain killers to heavy industry, combined with fast shipping make it easy for first responders to be prepared to provide assistance when its needed.

    We pride ourselves on being able to provide custom solutions to meet the needs of our clients, from first aid kits to fully kitted out medical rooms.

    And our industry expertise allows us to provide you with advice and guidance on complying with relevant industry legislation.