General Purpose First Aid Kit

LFA First Response stocks a range of general purpose first aid kits which can be used in a number of different settings such as the home, office, school or in a vehicle. We want our first aid kits to be as accessible as possible which means we offer a number of different options depending on your requirements, from a basic first aid kit to larger kits containing a range of first aid products. 

General purpose first aid kits can be used to treat a range of injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and minor burns. If professional help is required, a well-stocked first aid kit can go a long way to treating injuries before further help can be found. It’s essential to be prepared and keep a first aid kit close at hand so you can provide first aid assistance where required. 

At LFA First Response, we have a first aid kit that suits your requirements. We have a basic, entry-level kit which is perfect for treating simple injuries and a larger family first aid kit which contains all the wound care products that busy families need. We also stock a first aid which is designed for use in vehicles for first aid on the road. LFA First Response also carries a range of Defender first aid kits which offer a wide range of first aid products contained in plastic, metal or softpack storage. 

LFA First Response prides ourselves on our high-quality products sourced from reputable Australian suppliers at a competitive price. We also offer unbeatable use by dates on consumable items which means you get better value for money. For further information about our range of general purpose first aid kits, contact LFA First Response today. If we don’t have the first aid that you require, simply ask us and we can help!

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