School First Aid Kits

LFA First Response supplies a range of school first aid kits suitable for a variety of needs. We carry a wide range of school aid kits, including smaller soft packs which are easily transported to larger wall-mounted metal cabinets that include comprehensive supplies. Along with first aid kits which are suitable for sporting events and schools, LFA First Response also stocks eyewash kits and biohazard spill kits.

From Cabinets to Soft Packs

We carry a range of school first aid kits including large metal cabinets designed for school first aid rooms, smaller soft packs which can be transported offsite if necessary and a yard duty bum bag for small injuries. We also stock a range of sports trainers kits including an essential sports trainers soft pack which is suitable for small to medium sports teams, a sports action soft pack which is the perfect grab-and-run kit, and a team sports response backpack which is easily transportable.

Unbeatable Use-By Dates

LFA First Response offers unbeatable use-by dates on our consumable items inside our school first aid kits, ensuring you get the most value for money as you’re not disposing of out-of-date products as often. Our products are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and we source all kit components from only the most trusted Australian suppliers. We can also offer customised first aid kits depending on your specific requirements.

LFA First Response is a family-run business and supply wholesale medical supplies to schools throughout Australia. Our experienced team can offer guidance and support to ensure that you get the right products for your needs. To find out more about our range of school first aid kits, speak with LFA First Response today.