Marine First Aid Kits

At LFA First Response, we carry a range of marine first aid kits which are designed for use out on the water. Whether you have a small boat for day trips or a large charter vessel, it’s essential that you can respond appropriately to injuries and emergency situations. With a variety of marine first aid kits available, we have an option that is perfect for your requirements. 

Our range of Lifeline marine first aid kits are designed for commercial vessels to comply with the Australian National Standard for Commercial Vessel requirements – make sure you check what class your vessel belongs to so you can ensure you have the correct first aid kit on hand. We also stock marine medical packs which contain the prescription medication required for vessels of a certain class. Along with commercial marine first aid kits, we also carry a Lifeline marine kit which is designed for pleasure crafts.

From a basic boating first aid kit which includes waterproof dressings and plaster for pleasure craft boat owners to our range of larger Lifeline marine kits, LFA First Response have you covered for any situation. When you take people out on your boat, you have a duty of care to provide appropriate marine first aid in the event of minor injuries. boats of a certain size are required to carry certain medical supplies and equipment on board at all times. 

LFA First Response carries a wide range of fully stocked first aid kits, including marine first aid kits, which can be used in a wide range of settings. For more information about our marine first aid kits, speak with LFA First Response today. If you require a customised first aid kit, simply speak to us and we can help.

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