Search & Rescue Equipment

LFA First Response stocks a range of search rescue equipment to assist during search and rescue incidents. Our search and rescue equipment helps professionals face the many safety challenges that come with a rescue scenario.

Evacuation and first aid alert
We stock the Cygnus Evacuation Fire Call Point Alarm which is a wireless emergency alarm which can be used to alert people of an emergency. It offers the ultimate in reliability and performance.

Rescue tools
We stock a range of high-quality rescue tools which are utilised in rescue situations to assist in a more efficient process. Our rescue tools include headlights, shears, rope, light sticks, neck collars, Leathermans, flashlights and lifebuoys.

Sanitation products
We carry sanitation products which can be useful during longer search and rescue situations. From complete portable toilet systems to antibacterial solutions and water sanitisation products, we can help.

We stock a range of splints which can keep a displaced moveable body part in a position to protect an injury and prevent further damage. Splints can range from rigid to flexible depending on the situation and personal requirements.

Stretchers and extrication
We stock high quality, reliable stretchers and extrication equipment which are essential during many rescue situations to ensure the safe removal of a patient. We have stretchers that can cope with the toughest rescue scenarios and also have lightweight, compact options for easy transport and storage.

Thermal protection
We stock thermal protection products which are an essential item during many search and rescue scenarios, either due to the difficult weather condition or due to conditions such as shock. We carry blizzard survival bags, thermal blankets and heat stress trackers.

LFA First Response stocks high-quality products at a competitive price and only source items from reputable suppliers. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll help you get it. For more information about search rescue equipment, contact LFA First Response today.