LFA First Response stocks a range of workplace first aid kits that can be used in a range of settings from small offices, large companies or travel as part of your work. We stock metal first aid cabinets which can be wall mounted in the first aid room, a range of workplace response kits, trauma first aid kits for remote work, industrial first aid kits, and visitor and personal protection packs.

Workplace Response First Aid Kits

We carry a large range of Workplace Response kits that are designed to meet national occupational health and safety standards which is essential for workplaces. Our Workplace Response kits include metal cabinets that can be wall mounted, kits in plastic cases which are designed for moderate to high-risk environments, and fully stocked soft packs with convenient carry handles.

Modulator Workplace First Aid Kits

We stock a range of Modulator workplace first aid kits which are perfect for different working environments. Our modulate kits include a soft pack injury module which includes six injury-specific modules. We also stock the Modulator metal cabinet which complies with workplace safety standards.

Responder Workers First Aid Kits

We carry Responder first aid kits which are adequately equipped for a number of injuries. We stock a soft pack kit and contain all of the items required for vehicles of mobile workers. Additionally, we carry a Responder weatherproof kit which contains everything that is required for vehicles, warehouses and mobile workers.

LFA First Response is proud to offer high-quality supplies to the Australian medical industry. We are a family-owned Australian business and our experienced team can provide guidance and advice so you have the right products for your requirements. To find out more about our range of workplace first aid kits, contact LFA First Response today.

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