Oxygen Therapy Kit & Equipment

LFA First Response stocks a range of oxygen equipment supplies which can be used during rescue and resuscitation situations. We carry high quality products from reputable suppliers. Whatever situation you are faced with, LFA First Response ensures that you are prepared.

Airway management and suction
We stock a number of options which can assist in managing aspiration cases and assessing the cause of respiratory distress.  We have a number of airway devices for both children and adults which are designed to open the upper airway to allow for proper ventilation. We also have a variety of airway clearance products which can suction the airway and clear obstructions.

Oxygen kits
We carry a range of oxygen kits which are a convenient and transportable option for trained personnel in the delivery of oxygen in emergency situations. We provide complete kits which are appropriate for when advanced resuscitation is required, as well as high quality bags which can be filled with oxygen supplies.

Oxygen masks
We stock oxygen masks which are utilised to ensure proper oxygen delivery to patients as they transfer oxygen from storage into the lungs. We have oxygen masks that fit both children and adults, and also provide oxygen tubing.

Oxygen regulators
We carry oxygen regulators which are ideal in all applications where adjustable oxygen rates need to be provided. Oxygen regulators regulate the oxygen pressure from a cylinder to levels that are safe for the patient and we have a number of options available depending on your requirements.

LFA First Response specialise in the provision of wholesale medical supplies to the Australian healthcare industry. We pride ourselves on our friendly and knowledgeable customer service and we also offer speedy delivery. For more information about oxygen equipment supplies or for a quick quote, contact LFA First Response today.