First Aid Kit Fundraiser For Schools

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Looking for a healthy, practical and successful fundraiser for your school community this year? Raise money, bring your community together and boost awareness around first aid with LFA’s first aid kit fundraiser.

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    At LFA First Response, we like to support our local schools. The key objectives of our fundraiser is to give back to our community and raise awareness of the importance of first aid.
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    Our fundraising program is a fantastic healthy alternative to confectionary based fundraisers.
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    Our fundraiser first aid kits are not only practical, but are an important educational tool for children.
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    Ideal for both schools and sports clubs.
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    The school or facility participating will receive 20% from each first aid kit sold.

LFA is Australia's No.1 Preferred First Aid Provider

Life Happens. Be Prepared

At LFA First Response we make it easy. Our industry leading response times, high quality products with the longest shelf life, and our ability to provide pharmacy items such as EpiPens and inhalers to schools and off the shelf pain killers to heavy industry, combined with fast shipping make it easy for first responders to be prepared to provide assistance when its needed.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide custom solutions to meet the needs of our clients, from first aid kits to fully kitted out medical rooms.

And our industry expertise allows us to provide you with advice and guidance on complying with relevant industry legislation.