For a range of splints online for sale, look no further than LFA First Response. We stock a number of splints which can keep a displaced moveable body part in a position to protect an injury and prevent further damage. Splints can range from rigid to flexible depending on the situation and personal requirements. 

We stock a range of splints including SAM splints for sale, AeroSplint products, air splints, cardboard splints and stiff neck collars. Our high-quality splints online for sale ensure that you’re well prepared in emergency scenarios where body parts need to be supported and stabilised.

SAM Splints

LFA First Response offers a range of SAM splints for sale which are available in various sizes and manufactured from a thin core of alloy, compressed between two layers of closed-cell foam. 


We stock AeroSplint splints which offer aluminium foam splints which are highly adaptive as they can be rolled, folded or formed into almost any application with the assistance of a bandage.  These lightweight, flat splints are essential to assist with immobilisation.

Logikal Air Splints

LFA First Response stock Logikal air splints which provide essential immobilisation and prevent further injuries. The air splints are inflated with air to provide an effective splint and are available in a range of sizes. 

Laerdal Products

We carry the Laerdal SpeedBlock head immobiliser which offers a simple, four-step process for application and accommodates all head shapes and injury positions. We also carry the Laerdal Stifneck collar which provides strong quality neck support.

At LFA First Response, we understand the level of urgency that’s required in rescue and resuscitation scenarios which is why we carry high-quality supplies to assist in these situations. 

To find out more about our range of splints online for sale, speak with LFA First Response today for more information. 

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