LFA First Response stocks a range of tourniquets that are used around arms or legs to stop bleeding by restricting large blood vessels. We stock high-quality tourniquets which can be used in a range of medical situations including quick release tourniquets, rapid stop tourniquets, rescue bandage tourniquets and tactical tourniquets.

Quick Release Tourniquets

We carry quick-release tourniquets that are easy to use and affordable and can be used in a range of settings and situations.

Rapid Stop Tourniquets

Our rapid stop tourniquets put a stop to bleeding in a reliable and rapid manner. This strong, lifesaving tourniquet is essential in first aid kits where you may encounter emergency situations. Our rapid response tourniquets can be used in military, civilian first responder, high-risk industries and extreme outdoor sports settings.

Rescue Bandage Tourniquets

We stock the rescue bandage inflatable tourniquet which is easy to use and quick to apply in life-threatening situations. It comes with application instructions and is highly effective at stopping bleeding. For use, simply slide the bandage over the wound above the site of the bleeding and secure it in place. You then inflate the bandage to help stop the bleeding.

SOF Tactical Tourniquets

We stock the SOF Tactical Tourniquet which is the first choice for the world’s elite due to its ability to control severe bleeding. This highly performing tourniquet is both reliable and easy to apply to wounds. It is trusted to be used on the battlefield in extreme situations and can be used in a range of critical situations.

LFA First Response stock high-quality products for the Australian medical industry. All of our products are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia For further information about our range of tourniquets, contact LFA First Response today. If you require a product that you can’t stock, speak with us and we can help.

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