Trauma Kit

A trauma kit is essential for helping to control injuries that involve a higher degree of bleeding or physical trauma in medical emergencies. LFA First Response stock a number of different trauma kits from a severe haemorrhage kit to an underground mining compliant first aid trauma kit.

Specific environments or workplaces may be more susceptible to traumatic or life-threatening injuries. A trauma kit needs to be in place in order to deal with the injury until advanced medical support can reach your location. In these situations a medical expert is needed, so you will need to contact them or transport the injured person safely to a medical facility.

Trauma First Aid Kit

Our trauma first aid kits are used by all types of different industries, including police, wildlife officers and surf lifesaving workers. In a trauma kit, you can expect to see items such as thermal blankets, haemostatic dressings, tactical tourniquets, bandages, antiseptic sprays, burn gels and different types of splints.

Keeping a trauma first aid kit in a close and convenient location can save you valuable time when someone has experienced a traumatic injury. We always recommend that you regularly monitor the contents of your trauma kit to ensure that you are stocked up on medical supplies and that no products are out of date.

Trauma Kits Australia

LFA First Response is a leading supplier of trauma kits in Australia, helping to provide top quality kits for medical emergencies. If you cannot find a suitable trauma kit for your needs, please get in touch with our team and we’ll be able to organise a specific solution for you.

As important as it is to have trauma kits in place, you also need to ensure that you or others around you are appropriately trained to deal with these sorts of situations if they should come about. You should also be comfortable with using the different types of products that are contained within these kits.

For further information on trauma kits, get in touch with the friendly team at LFA First Response today.

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