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Zoll Defibrillators Australia

ZOLL Medical Corporation, a leader in medical products and software solutions, helps responders manage, treat, and save lives in emergency rescues and in hospitals; outside the hospital while at work or home; in doctors’ and dentists’ offices and schools; in public places and on the battlefield. ZOLL’s products contribute to managing patient care and saving lives, as well as increasing the efficiency of emergency medical, fire, and hospital operations around the globe.

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Zoll X Series

The X-Series is extremely small, light, and powerful at less than 6 kilograms. It has a large, bright screen which allows for simultaneous viewing of four traces, all 12 ECG leads, or static and dynamic 12-lead views on a “split screen”. The X-Series device integrates the latest, most advanced and most complete monitoring capabilities, including “gold standard” Masimo® rainbow® SET Pulse CO-Oximetry and Welch Allyn’s Rapid noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) technology to improve accuracy and reliability. The X-Series CPR Dashboard provides real-time numeric depth and rate values and has a CPR timer that switches to an idle timer when compression’s are stopped. The X Series is the first monitor/defibrillator with integrated WiFi. Bluetooth® and USB cellular modem capabilities.

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  • View 12-lead on screen or analysis results and real-time ECG simultaneously
  • Simultaneously display up to four waveforms. Choose from ECG, SpO2, EtCO2, IBP, CPR, or cascade the ECG
  • Accurate measurements of oxygen saturation, carbon monoxide, and methemoglobin are assured
  • CPR Dashboard displays CPR quality in real time, and See-Thru CPR® can reduce the duration of pause


AED3 automatic Custom

Every AED3 is equipped with Wi-Fi for seamless communication with your wireless network. Easily
link your device to ZOLL’s PlusTrac™ AED Programme Management System to monitor its status. At the end of every automatic daily or weekly self-test, your device reports results to PlusTrac. If the selftest fails, or if your device fails to report when scheduled, PlusTrac informs you immediately.

With Real CPR Help, you know, it guides rescuers to provide compression’s that meet the current Guidelines for rate and depth. The voice prompts tell rescuers when they should “Start CPR” and when they need to “Push harder.”

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  • CPR Uni-padz can defibrillate both children and adults
  • AED 3 is equipped with Real CPR Help technology to help lay rescuers perform high-quality CPR
  • Will guide you to the proper rate and depth with visual and audio prompts
  • Delivers a shock at 8 seconds with a fresh battery
  • Plug a memory stick into the USB port to download rescue event data, upload a new configuration or upgrade software.
  • Configure the device to link with PlusTrac in the cloud after every self-test. Receive immediate email for failed or overdue self-test, along with status reports


AED3 BLS Angle edit Custom

For BLS-trained rescuers, the AED3 BLS dashboard displays the actual depth and rate of each compression. If either is outside of the current Guidelines, the number will turn red. The Dashboard also shows the elapsed time since power on, remaining time countdown for the current CPR cycle, number of shocks delivered, and the patient’s current ECG.

Every AED3 BLS has Wi-Fi for communication with your wireless network, making it easy to upload event data to RescueNet. With this new technique, you can quickly deliver ECG data to the hospital and then summarise the event data to analyse quality metrics.

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  • For the first time ever the AED3 BLS has real-time CPR feedback to let rescuers know when they are delivering high-quality CPR.
  • The CPR Uni-padz™ Electrodes sense and report the motion of rescuers’ chest compressions to the AED
  • Voice and text prompts also let rescuers know when to “Push harder” and when they are doing “Good compression’s.”
  • The Shock button is armed and ready to shock 8 seconds after stopping CPR.
  • Upload clinical event files over WiFi to RescueNet
  • Universal CPR Uni-padz for push-button selection of adult or child rescue.